Fruli is a premium Belgian Strawberry fruit beer that is produced at a 300 year old craft brewery near Ghent, Belgium.

Only pure strawberry juice and premium white beer is used to create this unique blend. No artificial additives are used at all.

The zestiness of the white beer is prefectly complemented by the strawberry juice, creating a balanced and refreshing beer that is packed with strawberry fruit flavour.

Life is sweet with Fruli!


Time Out London magazine compared Fruli to a "strawberry smoothie with a bite".

  • Gold medal winner at the International Beer Competition 2004
  • Winner of WTBS
    World Beers Fair (UK: 2007)
  • Top 5 Fruit Beer
    (World Beer Cup, San Diego 2009)
  • Worlds Best Fruit Beer
    (UK: WBA 2009)
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